Twista Gucci Louis Prada Lyrics prada bags

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Just go in the closet to show Im dressing like ill


The last shall be first, and the first shall be last

Keep your swag on the thousand of mojo on a mili

Never the woman be tested consider to be nothing for me

I dont know were so materialistic instead of being a mystic

And when I saw you get down that was a one show

Thats why my body Ima hurt em with a fit that cost more than your residence

When Im stepping on the set I will be reckon to be having me looking wet

What up, little momma, I see you in the Prada shoes

Ill be killing the minute, and looking for women that will be switching and walking and walking the wrong way

I could be taking you shopping and popping a bottle every time we go in a party

But if I gotta do it, Imma be doing it the best


Im a demolisher, with the Gucci, Louis and Prada

Success is the best revenge, so get it how you live

Be so ridiculous when youre looking at the crows

Well, you see me, Im the one that will pop er, the one that will be killing the shion

How I do it is a hell of a method, the wind stopping up in the vicinity

Im checking to how a stunter should maybe looking

Ill probably make it run a couple dollars and Im

Imma feel it and Imma tell er how the ass look in her Prada

If youre looking at me bogus Imma take it as a threat!Twista Gucci Louis Prada Lyrics prada bags

When Im wanted in the club that I wonder when Im in my

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