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There are a handful of zippered pockets inside for small items, as well as a pouch on top thats perfect for your keys or ID. But perhaps its biggest selling point is the opening at the bottom of the bag for the separate laundry and shoe compartment. Also, two large zippered pockets on the sides give you somewhere to stash a water bottle or other necessities.

Lastly, the straps are well padded without being bulky and pivot at axial connection points, so they fit perfectly. They tighten with a pull and loosen just as easily. A sternum strap stens with one hand and, when you need additional support and security, theres a hidden waist strap in the back. Its overall a really comforle and thoughtful design. All of those features and the quality construction will cost you, though The smaller L bag we tested costs , while a larger L version is .

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Priced at , its a fine bag for basic laptopcarrying needs. But if you spent more than a few hundred dollars on your laptop, you maybe want to spend a bit more for something with better construction and padding for regular use.

Although there is no discrete pocket for a water bottle or umbrella, there is pocket that runs the width of the back you can use. This pocket also unzips at the bottom so it can be slid over your luggage handle.  It also hides a set of backpack straps that simply clip to the bottom of the bag. Its surprisingly balanced carried over one shoulder. All in all, its an excellent briefcase thats professionalandcasual.

The inch version I tested sells for a reasonable direct from Timbukoron Amazon for a little less. Its also available in a smaller for inch laptops.

Both sides of the bag offer the same large zippered panels, so you can get to anything you need regardless of where it is in the bag. Each side panel has a separate zippered storage area with pockets.

Its made with a coated bric to help keep the elements out, and theres a neoprene pocket on one side to hold a water bottle or umbrella though I wish there were another on the other side so I didnt have to choose. On back is a passthrough for a luggage handle that has a zipper at the bottom letting you use it as a pocket, too.

If youd rather have a traditional backpack thats dressed up for business, theresthe Kilbourn. Its essentially the backpack version of the Solo NY Shorewood briefcase from earlier. It has the same soft pebbled leather on the outside and the same camo print on the inside. Theres a zippered pocket for small items you need to keep more secure than the front drop pocket, though the flap covering it is held down with magnets.

I hadnt heard of Nomatic until it launched a Kickstarter campaign for this streamlined Laptop bag and a larger Messenger bag. Then within days I started seeingits backpackon people while walking around New York City. That bag raised nearly million on Kickstarter and Indiegogo, andthe campaign for the Laptop and Messengerhas brought in more than million from backers.

Open it up and youll find more pockets inside and out as well as a key leash and a compartment thatll fit up to a thin inch laptop or a slightly thicker .inch model. Theres also a lined pocket for a let seen here with a pair of overtheear headphones in it.

Its available in four patterns blue, pink, red and silver fromSumoor onAmazon.

Like the designers other bags, the Staad fits for both professional and casual use. You canbuy it direct from WaterFields sitefor or depending on the you get.

While it doesnt come with a silizer strap to keep the bag from flipping around while youre biking, the shoulder strap has a cam at each end so you can adjust the length easily from the left or right.

And if you dont find the perfect bag, fear not This list is r from definitive and you can expect this gallery to grow throughout as I test out new bags.

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Disclaimer may get a share of revenue from the sale of some of the products in this guide.

You wont find a designated water bottle pocket, but the zippered pocket on front is big enough to hold one. And theres zippered fleecelined pocket on top for your phone.

Magnets secure the flap to the bag at two different positions giving you a bit more space for bulky stuff. On back is a luggage passthrough so you can drop it on your rolling bag instead of using the shoulder strap or carry handles.

The large main compartment has a suspended padded laptop sleeve at the back that will fit a .inch laptop, though youll want to stick to models under an inch thick. The suspension means your laptop is less likely to get dinged up when you put the bag down.

There are places for all your cables, headphones and even a keyboard. Theres a dedicated pocket for a large battery pack, too, with a quickcharge USB . cable that runs to the outside of the bag so you can charge your phone or let without cracking the bag open.

Im not entirely sure why you need so many pen holders on front; the included shoulder pad doesnt offer much cushioning; and the grab handle on top is a little too r back. But those are pretty minor issues, it a generallyexcellent bag for its price.

Made to order in Portland, Oregon, North St. makes all sorts of bags from bike panniers and totes to duffles and backpacks. The Meeting Bagis part of its Weekender Travel Series and can be used by itself or act as external expansion to itsfull backpack.

If you typically fly with a big briefcase, but would like something lighter and slimmer for use once you get to your hotel thats more professional than the SleevePack, considerthe Southampton.

A slim padded laptop compartment is accessible through a zipper at the top.  It will snugly hold up to a inch MacBook Pro. All the zippers, by the way, are all weathersealed and the bric is waterresistant.

When it comes to laptop bags and backpacks, there are seemingly thousands of options. Honestly, I spent more time picking out my last bag than I did my laptop.

If youre in the same spot, consider this gallery a shortcut to discovering some great bag makers and learning about all the features you might want in your ultimate choice.

You can get it directly fromIncaseor onAmazon.

At , its not cheap, but the build quality and features are certainly worth it. If you dont need quite this much space, though, Incase makes it intwo smaller and less expensive s.

If you have a bunch of little items that you like to keep organized, youll want to check out TimbuksUptownDivisionorAuthoritypacks. Its probably best you dont put anything too small in the bag anyway since it it has a drawstring closure at the top, leaving a chance for something to ll out. Then again, its really nice just to pull it closed, clip the top down and go. Plus, the lack of structure to the bag makes it easy to stash in a suitcase so you can have a light daypack when youre on vacation.

The pair can be bought directly fromWaterFields site for , or separately for for the Porter and for the Caddy.

No, its not the most comforle bag to wear, so dont consider this for everyday use. But if youre looking for something to protect your laptop in your luggage and wouldnt mind having a backpack handy for when you reach your destination, this is the solution.

See our roundup of AmazonBasics PC accessories here.

An external pocket gives you someplace to store small items like your phone, keys, pens and a pad. Basically anything you dont want to go digging around for in the main compartment.

Though the Energi Pro is big and at about . pounds kg with the battery pack its not light, but its well balanced and has a nicely cushioned back panel. The straps are wide and comforle with a sternum strap to help keep the bag in place. There are also two pads at the top of each strap to relieve pressure on the back of your shoulders. Theres a padded grab handle at the top, too.

Theres a news pocket on back and two pleated pockets on front. Inside youll find a couple more pockets for cables and accessories as well as a large zippered pocket. The padded laptop section will hold up to a .inch MacBook Pro.

The bag will set you back , but it comes with a year warranty and you can return it within days.

The Everyday Messenger follows the same design concepts as the companys backpack shown earlier in this gallery. It actually came before that bag, breaking crowdfunding records on Kickstarter.

The compartments are lined with a heavy twill with a camouflage pattern that is… interesting. There is a padded laptop compartment at the back thatll hold up to a inch laptop. In front of that is another reasonably large section, big enough to hold headphones and theres a slip pocket for a let or ereader. Basically, despite its slim profile, it actually expands to hold quite a lot.

Are you rough on your bags regardless of the delicate devices inside? The Pack Pro,which sells for about , has a rigid frame and padded interior compartments. The outside is a waterrepellent denier ballistic nylon.

The Daypack opens wide for easy access to the .inch laptop compartment and everything else. It has enough room for a couple books, headphones and a few essentials. A mesh pocket opposite the laptop sleeve works well for cables or other accessories.

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You can buy it directly fromSTM Goodsor onAmazon.

The Mobile Edge Graphite Corporate Briefcaseis well laid out for business road warriors. Made from ballistic nylon, the bag has room for every last bit of tech and travel essentials starting with a trio of three padded pockets on front that gives you somewhere to stash a battery pack, power adapter and anything else you need to have st access to.

Constructed from tear and abrasionresistant Cordura with weatherproof zippers, the bag is durable and lightweight with just enough space for essentials. A pair of detachable shoulder straps stash in a back pocket so you can quickly go from briefcase to backpack.

If you frequently find yourself wishing you had a smaller laptop briefcase to pack in your luggage, this is one to consider.

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The Icon backpackhas been a vorite for years now for its understated while still having the capacity for a ton of gear and shoulder straps to carry it all comforly. Incase updated the bag recently with a new weather and abrasionresistant bric calledWoolenex. It feels somewhat like cotton, but its lightweight and has the hightensile strength of ballistic nylon.

An amazing value atless than from Amazon, this cotton canvas messenger offers up a lot of storage, including a padded laptop compartment with room for up to a slim .inch notebook or a thick one if you dont need room for much else.

If you hate having to constantly go in and out of your carryon for things, however, make sure you pair the Air Porter with the Air Caddy. It has a slip pocket for a let for inflight entertainment up to a .inch iPad Pro fits as well as storage for other essentials, but its still small enough to fit in the seatback pocket.

Timbuk has a messenger bag for just about anyone. The Closer Case seems near perfect as a daily commuter bag with the organization of a briefcase, but messenger styling.

Outside youll find drop pockets on each side thatll work for holding your phone or keys, though they can be expanded to fit an umbrella or water bottle by undoing a snap.

The bag comes in five s with bright interiors so if something lls to the bottom of the bag its easy to spot. Theres file folder/laptop/let sleeve and a couple of slip pockets, but thats it inside. A zipper down the left side at the back opens up a separate compartment for a or inch laptop.

First published March , this was last updated June .

Part ofSolos Roadster collectionthe Shorewoodis made from soft pebbled black leather with brown accents and metal hardware. Two drop pockets in front give you somewhere to stash your sunglasses and phone, but the zippered pocket just above them gives you some security for smaller items.

Like the backpack, it has the companys MagLatch closure and a ladder of bars on the front so you can increase or decrease its capacity just by latching to a higher or lower bar. Other nice features include elasticized pockets in the front storage area to hold onto whatever you put in them; a quickadjust strap with internal padding; and side slash pockets for your phone or sunglasses that also hides a waist strap to keep the bag from shifting when youre riding a bike.

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The main compartment is deceptively large and has five more drop pockets, as well as three elasticized pockets that will snugly hold cables or other small items.

Lowepro primarily makes camera bags, but theUrbex lineblurs the line between photography and everyday use, much like Peak Design bags.

The Elite backpack is a big bag that can hold up to a slim .inch laptop in a separate zippered compartment at the back. The nylon shell looks and feels nice, but it doesnt have much structure and tends to get stuck in the zippers. Still, the bric keeps this light for when you load up its giant insides.

Whether youre after something for a daily commute, a backpack to lug around campus or a shoulder bag that works for business meetings and getting you through the weekend, youll find it here.

If a highend messenger is more your , this bag is a sweet combination of classic good looks and utility. Like the Satchel featured at the top of this gallery, the Attach is made from tough American fullgrain bridle leather. It weathers beautifully giving the bag some extra character.

This is a , inexpensive backpack thatll keep your things organized and your laptop and let protected. Available in eight s, the SmartPack has two mesh pockets on the sides and three zippered compartments.

As the name implies, this backpack has just enough space to carry your needs for the day. Its available in several combos andsells for orlessand terrific for ns of , but functional designs.

Sumo loaded this messenger bagwith pockets, including two large ones on the outside one in front, one in back which you typically dont find. It also skipped the Velcro and instead has two hidden buckles under the flap.

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Its a stylish bag for when youre traveling light, but still need to keep your laptop handy.

Its a slim backpack and lightweight, though it wouldve been nice to have a sternum strap for more support, but thats about the only complaint we have and its reasonably priced at .

You can get it directly fromLoweproor onAmazon.

The bagis loaded with little design features that make it one of the best bags youll find for a daily commute or out on a photography shoot. A smallerMessenger is available for . The is designed to hold a inch MacBook Pro, while the will hold a inch MacBook Pro.

There are routing loops, too, to keep cables out of the way as much as possible. The laptop compartment is TSA compliant, meaning it can be unzipped completely on the left and right to let your laptop lay flat and separate from the rest of the bag.

A padded sleeve inside can hold a laptop as big as a inch MacBook Pro. And see all those Velcro strips? North St. makesseveral removable organizer pocketsto let you configure the interior for your needs on any given day. Its zippers go all the way down, too, so you can open it up and lay it flat to get to everything or send it through an airport scanner.

You can buydirect from Mobile Edgeor save yourself some money and get it onAmazon for less than .

There is a laptop pocket at the back as well as a separate zippered let pocket, another for a phone and/or sunglasses and entire front storage area with more pockets and enough room for large headphones, books or even a pair of sneakers. The pockets also block RFID signals.

Available in five s fromIncaseorAmazon, the bag sells for , but can be found for less.

Its only inches wide, but it has enough room for essentials and space for up to a .inch laptop. Theres a let pocket, too.

Side slip pockets give you room to hold water or sunglasses. A large center compartment gives you room for headphones, books and files and theres a let pocket.

The rugged construction keeps it from stretching out like other bags, but it still has a lot of room for your gear. Plus, because the highquality YKK zippers extend down the sides and the bag stands on its own, getting things in and out is a breeze.

Mobile Edge makes gaming backpacks forAlienwareandRazer, butthe Core bagis all its own. It can hold up to .inch laptops though superthick ones are snug and its TSA checkpointfriendly, so you dont have to unload your system into a bin. Extra padding on the straps and back keep things as comforle as possible.

The back compartment is lightly padded for your laptop, but youll definitely want to be gentle setting the bag down. The front has several drop pockets for your phone and accessories. Then theres a zippered pocket on the outside to hold small items like your wallet or keys.

This nofrills bag is fine if youre needs dont go r beyond needing a travel bag for your laptop. Its a , threesection design, giving you just enough room for essentials, but little else.

Pad Quill has a knack for creating bags with classic design for modern needs and itsnew rolltop satchelis no different. The waterresistant leather messenger bag has the look of an old mailbag made from tough American fullgrain leather thats covered with a year warranty.

The rest of the bag is well designed though, and features the same suspended laptop sleeve as the Trilogy bag mentioned earlier, which keeps the edge of your laptop off the bottom of the bag. Youll also find a pocket to hold a large battery pack and cable clips and routing holes so you can charge devices in other compartments.

The shoulder straps and back panel are well padded without being bulky and the top grab handle is comforle even with the bag fully loaded and its centered so the bag is balanced when you carry it at your side.

The laptop compartment is fleecelined one of my vorite features of Incases bags and holds up to a .inch MacBook Pro. The rest of the compartment has room for a book or two and some accessories like a power adapter, but not much else.

The Kings backpackwill hold up to a .inch laptop. And a let. And some books. And your headphones, lunch and gym clothes. It even includes a separate removable zippered pouch to hold all your cables and adapters and batteries. It also has one of the worst placements for a key tether Inside a zippered pocket thats inside another zippered pocket on the front of the bag. Both of which can be tough to get into if the bag is stuffed with stuff.

Weatherproof zippers on front give you access to a smallitem pocket from either side. Theres a horizontal slip pocket inside here as well to hold your phone.

The Trilogyis a solid pick if youre just looking for a lightweight bag to carry around essentials and dont need a ton of little pockets and extra features. It has three compartments and three external storage pockets. Trilogy, get it?

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Personally, I would go with the larger Messenger bag because I frequently need to travel with camera gear. But, if you typically travel light, the Laptop bag has just enough space for a daily commuter.You can preorder a bag via an Indiegogo and the bags are expected to ship to backers in August.

The City Compactis the other end of the spectrum compared to the Pack Pro. A daypack, it has just enough room for essentials for a daily commute.

It is available directly fromPeak Designor onAmazon.

The bag is ided into four compartments including one for up to a .inch laptop and another sideloading one for a let. There are also sections for flat files and one loaded with pockets for all your accessories. Too bad the interior is so dark its impossible to find something if it lls to the bottom of the bag.

Zippers on each side hide mesh pockets for a water bottle and umbrella.

Between the thick leather and brass hardware, this bag is not light coming in at . pounds . kg and its pricey too at . But if you want a tough, but beautiful bag to last you years, its worth checking out. And if you decide you dont like it, the company offers a day moneyback promise.

may get a commission from retail offers.

Peak Design got its start camera accessories, and this bag is definitely a good choice for photographers thanks to its origamiinspired removable iders that let you break up the main compartment however you want.

The bag sells for , but that includesan ,mAh battery packas well as MicroUSB and USBC cables and a separate accessory holder to keep all your cables, dongles and adapters in one removable pouch.  A side pocket holds the battery and has passthroughs to the other bag compartments for simultaneously charging up to three devices.

Inside in the middle theres room for up to a .inch laptop and another sleeve for a large let. At back is another compartment with an accordian file for folders, pads or a magazine or two. Then theres a front organizational section that totally unzips and lays flat, so you can basically set up to work anywhere.

To get in and out of the main compartment, Peak Design developed a magnetic latch system. A set of bars under the front flap let you close the bag at different s so you can fill the bag right up to the top and still secure everything inside. Or tighten it all the way down to make the bag more compact.

Pockets on the sides let you stash anything from a mouse and cables to a water bottle and umbrella. The bag is also available in two s One with a molded front and another with a Velcro panel to your team badges or other patches. And, theyre both covered with a lifetime warranty.

However, tucked inside it is a full lightweight backpack. The laptop sleeve fits inside the bag and theres plenty of room for a jacket, lunch, files, a book or two or whatever you need for the day.

The middle compartment has a handful of pockets along with enough space to hold your lunch and headphones. A front compartment is perfect for cables or anything you want to keep in easy reach. Speaking of, just above it is the opening for a drop pocket that is deep enough for a magazine or umbrella. There are also mesh pockets on each side big enough to hold a water bottle.

The rolltops design makes it easy to expand the main pocket and get to stuff inside including its padded laptop pocket that fits up a .inch Apple MacBook Pro. Theres also one zippered pocket inside that runs the length of the laptop compartment, but thats all on the inside.

The zippered pocket on the very front is fine for basics like sunglasses or ID, but theres a separate zippered organizer section with drop pockets for your phone, accessories, pens and files. Then, at the back, is the compartment for your laptop and let with room for power adapters. The padded laptop sleeve will hold a thick inch laptop.

Its a briefcase. Its a shoulder bag. Its a backpack.

A rear padded compartment is big enough for a .inch laptop. Its a luxury bag that will have you looking more professional than your typical laptop backpack.

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Tyltis best known for its device charging products with everything from cables and wireless phone chargers to power packs and Bluetooth speakers. TheEnergi Prois its backpack that has room for all your tech gear and the power to keep you charged up.

You can get it directly fromSolo NYor onAmazon.

Stretchy pockets inside help organize and secure your miscellaneous accessories and cables, and Nomatic includes a hardshell case for glasses/sunglasses. There are a couple drop pockets, too, and two zippered pockets, one of which has RFID protection.

Just below the layflat handles on top is a zippered lined pocket for your phone or sunglasses. A padded shoulder strap is included, too, and theres a luggage handle passthrough on back.

Despite the protection and , its relatively lightweight at pounds. The shoulder straps are well cushioned and it has breathable back padding, so even loaded with gear itll hold up to a .inch laptop, by the way its comforle.

Slip pockets on each side are perfect for a water bottle or sunglasses. Theres a small zippered pocket in front with a key leash as well as a somewhat hidden pocket in the top of the bag, perfect for a wallet or other small items you might want to keep a bit more secure.

Lift the flap and youll find a couple pockets on front to stash your keys and phone, and inside youll find several organizational pockets zippered and open. Theres just enough room here for a book, a packed lunch and maybe a light jacket, but it gets tight st. Timbuk did make the laptop compartment a separate section on back, however, which means when its time to work or get through airport security, you dont need to dig around in the main section.

This is about as as a laptop backpack gets. The SleevePackfits up to a .inch laptop and protects it with highdensity foam.

In the main compartment youll find a vertical holder for your laptop up to a .inch and a let pocket. There is a set of small pockets opposite the laptop/let sleeves, but I found them too small or shallow to be of much use stuff either didnt fit or fell out easily. The external pockets offer enough extra storage for accessories.

For anyone whos ever cursed losing legroom on a flight to a carryon bag which is everyone ever,the Air Porter is the answer. Its small, boxy design lets you stand it upright under an airplane seat without constantly lling over.

While water bottle/umbrella storage is absent on the outside there, there is certainly room inside. One of my vorite features are the zippered pockets at the base of each strap. The right side even has a cable passthrough so you can keep a battery pack in there and charge your phone while you use it.

What makes it a camera bag then? Theres a side entry that gives you access to a padded gear box thats big enough to hold a compact mirrorless camera or a GoPro and some accessories. Or you can use it to hold your power adapter, cables or whatever.

On back is a news pocket and there are side slip pockets to quickly stash your phone or sunglasses. The bag is finished with strong brass hardware and parachutegrade UVresistant stitching, and a theres a strap that closes the top down with a single rivet.

Each side has a pouch for a water bottle or umbrella. However, there are also hidden straps behind the front panel letting you attach more to the outside, whether its a coat or a drone or tripod.

Tyvek bric is used for a variety of things from envelopes and festival wristbands to industrial coveralls andTimbuks Launch Pack. The bric is durable and lightweight, and helps keep water out, all without being thick and bulky.

About the only thing missing is an external pocket for a water bottle or umbrella, but Tylt got so much right with this bag, well let it slide.

The inch model pictured has a good deal of room inside, a sleeve for your laptop or let and a couple drop pockets for pens, accessories or whatever else you need to get you through the day.

The bag is finished in waterrepellent bric and has reverse coil zippers that also help keep water and dirt out of the bag. If youre headed back to school or already there and need a lightweight backpack, the Trilogy is a solid pick.

The straps are contoured for a more comforle fit, especially if you typically use only one strap at a time. Padding is decent, but I wouldnt go loading this down too much regardless.

Didnt find quite what youre looking for?Check out these handbag, clutch and backpacksthat pair perfectly with your laptop or let.

You can get them directly fromPeak Designor onAmazon.

The Laptop bag is and has enough room to use it for a daily commute. The Messenger adds more space and pockets as well as two customizable Velcro panels to organize the interior however you want.

You can get it directly fromMobile Edgeor fromAmazon. Either way it comes with a lifetime warranty.

The separate TSA checkpointfriendly laptop compartment holds up to a inch MacBook Pro and also has two large drop pockets that can hold a power adapter and a power bank to charge up your devices on the go.

The Solo Elite can be purchasedstraight from the companys siteor fromAmazon for .

If you like clean, streamlined designs and bags that can shrink or grow depending on your needs on any given day, youll appreciate theEveryday Backpack.

Originally designed for the iPad Pro, the Staad comes in two s that will fit either a slim or inch laptop. Made in San Francisco from waxed canvas or ballistic nylon and leather, the top flap secures with a clip that lets you get in and out in a hurry, but doesnt require you to squeeze or unhook anything.

Pockets in front give you plenty of options for stashing your phone, sunglasses, keys or other small items. There are a couple slip pockets, too, thatll work for files or notebooks. Theres also a big pocket on back with a Velcro closure. And if you noticed the patches of Velcro on the bag, those are for the detachable ID pocket. Just tear it off, use your ID and slap it back on your bag.

Theres a padded ider separating the gear box from the rest of center section, but its attached inside with Velcro and can be folded flat to give you more interior storage. You can then attach the gear box outside of the bag with its integrated strap.

Both bags are finished in waterproof materials and have a shoulder strap that attaches with quickrelease magneticFidlock Snap steners. Each has room for up to a inch laptop in a TSAcompliant compartment that also has a let sleeve and file storage.

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Itll hold up to a .inch MacBook Pro in zippered pocket at the back. Theres also a large separate center storage section with a let pocket as well as a handful of other organizational pockets including one zippered pocket. Theres one external zippered pocket on top, too, thats good for sunglasses, earbuds or other small items. An elasticized pocket on the side gives you water bottle storage.

Even with the laptop sleeve being in the main compartment, its still deep and wide enough for gym clothes and a pair of sneakers, assuming theyre not too large or bulky.

The Alastair is made from rugged waxed canvas with a leather bottom, so you can put it down on wet ground without freaking out about stuff in your bag. Theres a large zippered organizational pocket in front along with two smaller zippered pockets for sunglasses, earbuds, your phone and other small items.

On back is a news pocket and a luggage handle passthrough, which, if youre not careful, could be mistaken for the news pocket not good if you go to throw your phone in there and it drops out the bottom.

Also pictured here is the awesome little hidden phone pocket in the shoulder strap.

The Messenger has configurable origamiinspired iders to create custom arrangements for your camera equipment. Or you can just take them out and have the entire interior for storage. The flap that covers the main compartment has a weatherproof zipper across the top, letting you access everything inside without opening the bag entirely its unzipped in this picture.

Made in San Francisco from waxed canvas or ballistic nylon and leather, its ready for whatever weather with waterproof exterior zippers and a waterresistant lining. A front flap covers a zippered pocket perfect for your phone and wallet and a larger slip pocket for a book or magazine.

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The Citys pilot program, Portland Opportunity Crew, begins today. The program will offer panhandlers the opportunity to earn money to clean up public areas. Workers will be picking up trash and beautifying parks and trails, primarily on the peninsula.Read on…

The City is excited to announce that it is continuing two programs in order to prevent and remove graffiti and encouraging two other new resources. Following the effort to paint utility boxes in , five more boxes will be available for local artists…Read on…

Join Us for a Ribbon Cutting of the New Park Ave Separated Bike Lane Project September at PM

Police to Hold Community Conversations Regarding Body Camera Pilot Program

Councils Housing Committee to Discuss Potential New Policy Tools at September Meeting

Economic Development Committee to Hold Portland Downtown Expansion Public Hearing

The City of Portland is still seeking local artists to paint five more utility boxes this ll. Applications are available here and the deadline for submissions is October . Selected artists will be notified on October .Read on…

A priority of the Councils Housing Committee this year was to create a current situation report on housing policy, availability, and affordability. In response, the City recently completed the Housing Report, which will be presented Thursday night.Read on…

The City recently selected members to serve on the Office of Economic Opportunitys Advisory Team in order to help guide its direction and core priorities.Read on…

The City Councils Housing Committee will next meet on Wednesday, June at PM in Room of City Hall. The Committee will be reviewing and providing a recommendation to the City Council on two agenda items.Read on…

New Temporary Public Art Coming to the Waterfront

City Selects Members for Office of Economic Opportunity Advisory Team

Mayor Strimling to Host Neighborhood Office Hours Over Next Several Months

Street Maintenance Overnight Parking Restrictions Back in Effect Beginning October

On August , opening ceremonies for the Portland portion of the sistercity sports exchange with Shinagawa, Japan will take place at AM at the Expo with year old girls from Portland and Shinagawa.Read on…

Council Committee Approves Pesticides Ordinance Following Public Hearing

Historic Preservation Board Meeting p.m.

Report Finds ForeignBorn Residents Contributed . Billion to PortlandMetro P in

The City will celebrate National Voter Registration Day on Tuesday, September by conducting voter registration drives at two high schools. Clerk staff will be at Casco Bay High from am to pm and Deering High from am to pm.Read on…

Nonprofit organizations and City departments are now welcome to apply for grant funding from the Portland Economic Development Plan Implementation Program PEDPIP. The current round of applications is due no later than March , at PM.Read on…

The City is currently accepting registrations for shortterm rentals. Current operators of all shortterm rentals can come and register at City Hall. The City Council approved an ordinance in April that requires shortterm rental units to be registered.Read on…

The City of Portland is it even easier for residents to stay connected about trash collection and recycling with the new Recycle Portland webtool and mobile app powered by ReCollect.Read on…

It is the goal of the City of Portland to undertake work on a new stateoftheart homeless services center that would serve as an adult emergency shelter to replace the Oxford Street Shelter, and provide health, employment, and housing services onsite.Read on…

Woodfords Corner Revitalization Project to Begin August

The City will begin advertising today for a new director of the Oxford Street Shelter following the news that its current director, Rob Parritt, will be leaving his fulltime role in midOctober. He will continue to assist the City on a parttime basis…Read on…

As part of the City of Portlands storm drain installation work, access to Portland Trails Fore River Sanctuary via Hillcrest Avenue is closed starting today until the end of February.Read on…

The City Councils Housing Committee will hear a presentation from staff at its Tuesday, September meeting regarding new housing policy tools to help address affordability of the housing market and housing policy in general.Read on…

The official election results have been verified by the City Clerk for the City of Portland November , election.Read on…

The City of Portlands Division of Housing and Community Development will accept applications as of July for Housing Trust Funds used towards the development of affordable housing in the city of Portland.Read on…

Over the next three weeks, the City of Portlands Department of Public Works DPW will begin the installation of the Park Avenue Separated Bike Lane Streetscape Project.Read on…

The City filed a lawsuit on April in Cumberland County Superior Court against the manucturers and distributors of opioid drugs in response to the substantial impact, including the loss of lives, that the opioid epidemic has had on the community.Read on…

The fifth season of Sundays on the Boulevard will end this Sunday, September . Baxter Boulevard from Vannah Ave to Payson Park will be closed to cars from AM to PM.Read on…

Housing Report Proposed Housing Policy Initiatives Public Feedback Requested!

Trailhead Closure for Sewer Separation Project

Several donations have recently given a boost to support the continuation of the Portland Opportunity Crew, the Citys panhandlingtowork program. The Chamber brought together businesses and organizations to fund additional weeks of the program.Read on…

Police Assign FullTime Officer to Oversee Ongoing Recruitment Efforts

City Celebrates National Voter Registration Day with Voter Registration Drives at Two High Schools

The City of Portland is hosting its fifth Community Overdose Prevention and Response Training and Naloxone Distribution event on Monday, September in the State of Maine Room in City Hall. This event is free and open to the public.Read on…

City Receives Additional , in CDBG Funds

City Reminds Residents of Winter Storm Operations Information

New Digital Parking Citation Management Software Begins September

The City of Portland is pleased to announce that it will be contributing almost , to the Housing Trust Fund from shortterm rental registration fees. The Housing Trust Fund is used to fund affordable housing projects throughout the city.Read on…

The new OneJoy development located at One Joy Place in the West End offers the Citys first affordable housing inclusionary development unit for homeownership. OneJoy is a unit onebedroom complex and unit A has a sale price of ,.Read on…

Two Upcoming Listening Sessions for Munjoy Hill Related to Zoning Land Use

Finance Committee Meets June Public Hearing on Proposed Portland Downtown Expansion

Despite the ct that theres no snow on the ground yet, the City would like to remind residents of winter storm operations information as we head into December, and encourage residents to sign up for the Citys Notify Me notification system.Read on…

The Citys Forestry Management crew recently discovered Browntail Moth webs on the mainland in Portland. Levels are low at this time, however, residents are urged to remove webs by clipping them before the foliage comes out in May.Read on…

City Manager Jon Jennings is pleased to announce that the City received , in additional Community Development Block Grant CDBG federal funding than it expected for FY.Read on…

Bedford Street Closed for Three Weeks as Part of Sewer Separation Project

The Councils Health Human Services Committee will once again discuss the design and planning for the new emergency shelter during its September committee meeting. The meeting will take place at PM in the State of Maine Room at City Hall.Read on…

Portlands Public Health Division Celebrates National Public Health Week April

Portland One of Communities Selected for Gateways for Growth Challenge Award

City Joins Forces with Elliotsville Plantation to Create Parks Conservancy

Fire Department Gets Ready to Celebrate th Anniversary

Peggy Akers, who has been a nurse practitioner for the City of Portlands Public Health Division since , has been chosen as the Maine recipient of the American Association of Nurse Practitioners State Award for Excellence.Read on…

Portland Seeks Artists to Paint Five More Utility Boxes

ShortTerm Rental Registration Deadline Approaching

Coming to Your Neighborhood Increased Efficiency and Safety

Citys Public Health Director Presents Vision to Councils Health Human Services Committee

Congress Square Public Art Project Selected to Receive , Grant

CDBG Funding Process for Portland NonProfits Begins October

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Parking in Portland just got easier with the new mobile parking app provided by PassportParking.Read on…

Parking in Portland Just Got Easier Portland Launches Mobile Parking App

Oxford Street Shelter Receives National Alliance to End Homelessness Innovation Excellence Award

Ribbon Cutting for Childrens Odyssey at Former Reed School on August

June Public Meeting for Park Avenue Protected Bike Lane Project

CDBG applications for the next fiscal year of funding will be available beginning Monday, October , and a mandatory meeting for all applicants will be held on Tuesday, October .Read on…

Official Election Results for the City of Portland

First Annual Spring Curbside Leaf Yard Waste Bag Collection Coming May ,

Park Avenue Separated Bike Lane Streetscape Project Gets Underway

The City of Portland is hosting a community forum on Saturday, September th from AM to PM at Hannaford Hall on the University of Southern Maines Portland campus to discuss the proposed homeless services center.Read on…

The City Councils Economic Development Committee will hold a public hearing tomorrow night, May at PM in Room , to discuss the proposed expansion of the Portland Downtown business improvement district.Read on…

Washington Avenue Sewer Separation Work Begins April

Patrons Oxford Insurance held an open house in its new headquarters at the Portland Technology Park on September th. The company moved into the story, , sq ft office building this summer. This is the Cityowned Technology Parks first building.Read on…

Councils Housing Economic Development Committee to Hold Joint Meeting on June

The Department of Planning and Urban Development will kickoff the process for updating its sign regulations with a Community Forum on July th from PM PM in Room at City Hall.Read on…

City of Portland officials will celebrate the installation of the new Park Ave separated bike lane project with a ribbon cutting this Friday, September , at PM at the corner of State Street and Park Avenue.Read on…

The Citys Public Health Director, Dr. Kolawole Bankole, outlined his vision and goals for the future of the department during last nights Health Human Services Committee meeting.Read on…

Home Photos Corey Templeton Photography

The City of Portland will celebrate Welcoming Week by hosting a series of interactive events beginning September to recognize immigrant contributions to our community.Read on…

An Immigrant Entrepreneurship Workshop series is being offered throughout June by the City of Portland to assist New Mainers with starting a business. The workshops will be offered on June , , , and from PM to PM at Portland Adult Ed.Read on…

On January , the City Council unanimously approved an ordinance prohibiting the use of synthetic pesticides on most City and private property. The ordinance will go into effect for City properties in July and for private properties in January .Read on…

A priority of the Councils Housing Committee this year was to create a current situation report on housing policy, availability, and affordability. In response, the Housing and Community Development ision recently completed the Housing ReportRead on…

Join our Parks Recreation play specialists this summer at a park near you! From June through August well have morning and afternoon sessions in parks across the city.Read on…

City Announces , Contribution to Housing Trust Fund from ShortTerm Rental Registrations

Patrons Oxford Insurance Hosts Open House at New Portland Technology Park Headquarters

Job Creation Grant Program for New and Growing Portland Businesses Apply Now!

Starting May , Bedford St will be converted into a oneway street to accommodate construction activities related to the Bedford St Sewer Separation project. At least one lane will be maintained for traffic traveling from Deering Ave to Forest Ave.Read on…

The City of Portland will hold a Public Meeting on…

The City Councils Finance Committee will discuss the Mayors proposed senior tax equity program and hear an update on the LED street lighting conversion at its Thursday, September , meeting. The meeting will be held at PM in Council Chambers.Read on…

Today, the City of Portland and the USDA Forest Services Forest Inventory and Analysis FIA Program began an urban inventory of trees, green space, and ground cover on public and private land for the greater Portland metropolitan area.Read on…

The City of Portland and surrounding municipalities have been impacted by the recent preliminary release of proposed flood maps revisions prepared for FEMA. During the review of the proposed flood maps it was determined that many of the culverts…Read on…

On Thursday, May , staff of the Public Health Division will cohost a community health ir with members of Maine Medical Centers Nursing Professional Excellence Council. The ir will be held in Rines Auditorium at the Portland Public Library.Read on…

Mayor Strimling Joins Coalition of Mayors to Launch Minute Walk to a Park Campaign

Job creation matching grants are once again available through the Citys Economic Development Department. It is anticipated that the grant funds will go quickly, so interested applicants are encouraged to submit applications as soon as possible.Read on…

Help the City Choose the Portland Development Corps Client of the Year Award Vote Now!

Know a Great Business? Nominate Them for One of Our Awards!

Housing Community Development Accepting Housing Trust Fund Applications

The fifth season of Sundays on the Boulevard will start Sunday, May , . The road will be closed to cars on Sundays from May through September , AM PM, from Vannah Avenue to Payson Park.Read on…

City Offers Training on New Online Permitting Planning Submission System

Parking in Portland just got easier with the new mobile parking app provided by PassportParking.Read on…

Maine Med to Begin Construction on Visitors Parking Garage Addition; Congress St Detour Begins May

City Manager Jennings released his recommendation to the City Council for FY CDBG funding today. The City Council will hold two public hearings regarding the CDBG funding before taking a final vote on March and April .Read on…

City Announces Members of Portland Disability Advisory Committee

Proposed Housing Policy Initiatives Public Feedback Requested!

A . million reconstruction project on a portion of Forest Avenue will shift to a new phase of work this week. Residents and commuters can now expect to see impacts due to the installation of the new water main, with crews working both day and night.Read on…

Were excited to announce that we will begin livestreaming broadcasts of all Council Committee meetings starting on Tuesday, March . All livestream feeds will be archived and available for viewing the following day.Read on…

Parking in Portland Just Got Easier Portland Launches Mobile Parking App

The Police Department will hold two community conversations next week to discuss the body camera pilot program. The first meeting will be held Wednesday, March and the second meeting will be held Thursday, March .Read on…

City Unveils Recommendation for Location of New Homeless Services Center

City Honors Adele Masengo Ngoy on World Refugee Day

Starting this Sunday, September at pm, the Citys contractor, Sargent Corporation, will return to finish work within Forest Avenue remaining from the State Street Infrastructure project.Read on…

September RAD Class Dates at the Portland Police Department Sign Up Now!

The Citys overnight parking restrictions for street maintenance go back into effect on October . Please adhere to the signs on your street. The regulations are in place on peninsula and in the USM area.Read on…

Citys Job Creation Grant Program Now Accepting Applications from Portland Businesses

Maine Medical Center, in conjunction with the City of Portland, will detour traffic away from Congress Street between Forest and Weymouth streets for eight weeks starting May . The detour will accommodate a large construction crane needed to…Read on…

Capisic Brook Survey Project Begins Week of April

DC Construction, will begin work April on a sewer separation project within Washington Avenue, and Walnut, North, and Madison Streets, to reduce combined sewer overflow in Back Cove, and comply with EPA requirements.Read on…

The City of Portland is pleased to announce that the National Alliance to End Homelessness awarded the Oxford Street Shelter as one of its recipients for the Innovation and Excellence Awards.Read on…

The AgeFriendly Portland Steering Committee launched a new voluntary program this month to help local business owners become more sensitive to the needs of older customers and receive recognition for efforts to make their business more agefriendly…Read on…

City Manager Presents Recommended FY Municipal Budget to City Council

Housing Report to be Reviewed and Discussed During October Housing Committee Meeting

Ahead of Earth Day, Council Committee Announces Goal of Getting City to Clean Energy by

Councilor Cook and City Staff Host Ludlow Pond Public Meeting September at PM

Finance Committee Votes to Appropriate .M of Property Sale Proceeds

The public is invited to join Councilor Kim Cook and City staff for a community discussion about Ludlow Pond. During this meeting you will hear about the history of the pond, current management practices, and changes made since the last public meeting.Read on…

City Officials Celebrate Groundbreaking for WEXs New World Headquarters

City Launches Ask the Plan Reviewer Appointments on Tuesdays at City Hall

Beginning Wednesday, June , Mayor Ethan Strimling will hold office hours at businesses and schools in neighborhoods around the city and outside on City Hall Plaza for whats known as Strimling on the Street.Read on…

The City of Portland will host a public forum on Thursday, September , to discuss its pilot project with INRIX, and hear from experts about the deployment of Highly Automated Vehicle HAV shuttles on public roads.Read on…

Portland Police Offering , Signing Bonuses to Help Recruit New Officers Telecommunicators

Wed love to hear from you! Click here to find a staff person

The Housing Committee would like your feedback on the list of potential housing policy initiatives outlined in the Housing Report. These initiatives culminated from ideas gathered in from four public meetings which led to more than policy…Read on…

More Community Based Solutions to Prevent Graffiti Available

The City is once again launching a new round of the Business Assistance Program for Job Creation, and applications are now being accepted. The Program provides matching grants to Portland businesses for the creation of one or two fulltime jobs…Read on…

City Bans Plastic Straws in Clock Tower Cafe; Urges Other Businesses to Follow Suit

Portland Hosts Autonomous Vehicle Public Forum Join Us September at PM

Portland Girls Basketball Teams Kick Off Game Tournament with Team from Japanese SisterCity

The Barron Center was recently identified as a top performing skilled nursing cility by the American College of Health Care Administrators ACHCA. Each year, The ACHCA recognizes top performers with the Eli Pick Facility Leadership Award.Read on…

Councils HHS Committee to Discuss New Shelter Design Planning Host Public Hearing on /

ShortTerm Rental Registration Process Begins October

The Citys Minority Health Program is pleased to announce that the Maine Cancer Foundation has awarded it with a twoyear, , grant to assist the efforts in increasing ectal cancer screening rates in vulnerable Greater Portland populations.Read on…

Barron Center Achieves National Recognition as Top Performing SkilledNursing Facility

Starting November , the Permitting and Inspections Department will offer the opportunity for customers to meet with a Code Enforcement Officer for minutes and ask questions. Appointments are available from am to pm every Thursday morning.Read on…

The City is excited to announce it is one of seven cities and groups to pilot INRIX AV Road Rules, a platform that lays the foundation for the city to communicate with operators for safe and effective deployment of Highly Automated Vehicles HAV…Read on…

The City Councils Finance Committee voted unanimously on Thursday, August to appropriate .M of property sale proceeds from the .M sale of Hancock Street.Read on…

City Joins Partners to Unveil New Public Space Recycling Containers

The City and the Portland Development Corporation PDC, the Citys commercial loan and granting arm, are seeking nominations for their annual Economic Development Awards. This is the first year that nominations are being sought from the community…Read on…

Public Health Hosts th Community Overdose Prevention Response Training

Council Committee to Host Public Hearing on Proposed Earned Paid Sick Time Ordinance

Starting August , the City of Portlands Permitting and Inspections Department will offer the opportunity for customers to meet with a Plan Reviewer for minutes and ask questions. Appointments are available from AM to PM every Tuesday morning.Read on…

The City Councils Health Human Services and Public Safety Committee will meet next on Tuesday, April at PM in Room . The meetings agenda will include a public hearing for Mayor Strimlings proposed earned paid sick time ordinance.Read on…

On Saturday, September , the Portland Fire Department, in conjunction with the Maine State Federation of Firefighters th Annual Convention, will celebrate its th year of service to the citizens of Portland with a parade beginning at AM.Read on…

The City Councils Economic Development Committee unanimously approved sending proposed amendments to Portlands Tax Increment Financing Policy to the full Council with a recommendation for approval.Read on…

Portlands Public Health Division to CoHost Community Health Fair

Upcoming Public Meetings to Learn About Potential Redevelopment of POT Building on Maine State Pier

Developers Collaborative will hold a Ribbon Cutting Ceremony for Childrens Odyssey at their newly renovated location on Thursday, August th, , PM, at the Reed School, Libby Street in Portland.Read on…

The City Council will hold a workshop on June at PM ahead of its regularly scheduled Council meeting at PM that evening. The workshop will involve a presentation on the proposed Munjoy Hill Conservation Overlay District.Read on…

The City rolled out its new and gallon recycling carts this morning during a press conference. New recycling carts with wheels and lids will start being delivered to all residents during the week of August with everyone having them by Labor Day.Read on…

Join Us for Park Play This Summer At a Park Near You!

Affordable Homeownership Opportunity Available in Portlands West End

The City and the Jetport will celebrate the grand opening of the new Tuskegee Airmen exhibit on Wednesday, February at AM. The exhibit, part of a Black History Month celebration, will honor the Tuskegee Airmen who defended our country during WWIIRead on…

We are currently taking applications for the September and November sessions of the Basic R.A.D. program for . The first four sessions will be held from PM to PM and the th session will be held from AM to AM.Read on…

Ahead of Earth Day, City Councilor Spencer Thibodeau, Chair of the Sustainability Transportation Committee, is offering a resolution for Council consideration, supporting the goal of achieving clean energy for municipal City operations by .Read on…

City Launches Ask the Code Officer Appointments on Thursday Mornings

The City of Portland is poised to select the chosen development proposal for the sale of a , square foot portion of the Cityowned Thames Street property located along the citys Eastern Waterfront.Read on…

As part of the Police Departments ongoing recruitment efforts, Chief Sauschuck has assigned Officer Kate Phelan to be the new Recruitment Officer. This is a temporary, but fulltime position for the duration of the Departments current hiring process.Read on…

Bedford Street to Become OneWay Starting May for Duration of Summer Construction

Final Week of Sundays on the Boulevard This Year is September

Beginning August , the City will be closing Bedford St as part of the Bedford St Sewer separation project for three weeks. The urgency for this closure is so the City can reopen Bedford Street to twoway thru traffic before USM begins its ll semester.Read on…

City Manager Names Gautreau Permanent Fire Chief

The City and Elliotsville Plantation are pleased to announce their ongoing collaboration to create a conservancy in Portland that supports municipal parks, trails, and open spaces. A sixmember steering committee will kick off a series of meetings tonightRead on…

The City of Portland released the annual HOME Affordable Housing Development Application. These funds are targeted for projects that will create new, affordable rental housing.Read on…

Fifth Season of Sundays on the Boulevard to Start May

City to Soon Operate Temporary Day Shelter Services at Oxford Street Shelter

The City of Portland has made the decision to ban plastic straws from the Clock Tower Cafe, located within City Hall, and is urging other businesses to follow suit.Read on…

Immigrants in the Portlandmetro area contributed . billion to the areas P in and paid million in federal taxes and million in state and local taxes, according to a new report by New American Economy NAE…Read on…

Portland Fire Department Hosts Federation of Firefighters th Annual Convention; Parade on Sept

Portland Joins Welcoming America Hundreds of Communities to Celebrate Welcoming Week

Portland Files Lawsuit in Cumberland County Superior Court Against Opioid Manucturers

Starting January , the City will will begin replacing all of its streetlights with new, energyefficient LED light fixtures. Crews will be working their way around the city, installing lights per week with an estimated completion in May.Read on…

For the second year in a row, the City of Portland will proudly celebrate Welcoming Week by hosting a series of interactive events beginning September th to recognize immigrant contributions to our community.Read on…

City staff will be holding public outreach sessions for various stakeholder groups and the public at large to discuss the potential plans for the redevelopment of the Portland Ocean Terminal building on the Maine State Pier.Read on…

The City of Portland and City Councilor Belinda Ray announce two listening sessions to be held as part of the evaluation of zoning and land use tools on Munjoy Hill. The two sessions will be held on February and March at the East End School.Read on…

AgeFriendly Portland Launches Business Recognition Program

The City is pleased to announce the members of the Portland Disability Advisory Committee PDAC, which advises the City Manager on issues of importance to people with disabilities and also recommends policies, practices, and legislation…Read on…

The NEA announced more than million in grants this week. The City, partnering with the Public Art Committee and the Friends of Congress Square Park, is one of the recommended organizations for , to the Congress Square Public Art project.Read on…

Want to know how to use Citizen SelfService? Attend a training session on Wednesday, July , from pm pm.Read on…

The City Councils Sustainability Transportation Committee unanimously approved a pesticides ordinance last night following a public hearing. The Committee recommends the ordinance now go before the full City Council for approval.Read on…

Renovation of Allen Avenue Fire Station to Begin This Fall

City Begins Urban Forest Inventory in Portland

On Saturday, April , City officials and its partners will unveil new public space recycling containers. These units will be installed in highly visible locations around the city in order to allow people to recycle bottles, cans, and packaging.Read on…

More Community Based Solutions to Prevent Graffiti Available

Finance Committee to Discuss Proposed Senior Tax Equity Program LED Street Lighting Conversion

Bedford Street Sewer Separation Project Begins Construction April

The City is pleased to unveil the recommendation for the location of a new homeless services center, based on extensive input from staff and the public. The new services center will replace the adult emergency shelter currently located on Oxford Street.Read on…

City Manager Jon Jennings announced today that he has named Keith Gautreau to serve as Fire Chief permanently. He had been serving as Interim Chief since April when former Chief Jackson retired.Read on…

Public Health Nurse Practitioner Honored as Maine Recipient of National Award

Chamber Businesses Give Portland Opportunity Crew a Boost

The City wants the public to choose the Portland Development Corporations Client of the Year Award, which will be given out for the first time this year. Voting is open until October at PM.Read on…

Committee to Discuss Embarking on Collaborative Climate Action Planning Process with South Portland

City Releases Federal HOME Funds for New, Affordable Rental Housing Projects

Baxter Boulevard will be closed to motorists this Sunday, September to make way for ,plus Maine Marathon participants from AM to PM.Read on…

Council to Hold June Workshop Ahead of Regular Council Meeting

Portland One of Seven to Pilot New INRIX Autonomous Vehicle Platform

The City of Portland announces the st annual Spring Curbside Leaf Yard Waste Bag Collection will occur for two weeks only from May th through May th, . Just place your leaves curbside in leaf bags on your normal trash day.Read on…

City Jetport Celebrate Grand Opening of Tuskegee Airmen Exhibit

The Fire Department is getting ready to reach a milestone on March with its th anniversary. Fire officials will hold a media event on the th to observe the official anniversary and then they will celebrate with a th Anniversary Gala.Read on…

The City recently granted , toward the restoration project that aims to preserve and revitalize the Abyssinian Meeting Housing, an important part of Maines history and the cultural heritage of African Americans in Maine.Read on…

Public Health Division Receives , Grant to Improve Colorectal Cancer Screening Rates

The City of Portland joined WEX, Inc. and Hancock Street, LLC to break ground on WEXs new world headquarters at the corner of Hancock and Thames Street in Portland on Tuesday, October .Read on…

LiveStreaming of Council Committee Meetings Begins Tuesday, March

/ Government Websites by CivicPlus®

The Bedford Street Sewer Separation project, which will separate the existing combined sewer in the street to a separate sanitary sewer and a separate storm water drain, will begin construction work the week of April .Read on…

City Funds , Toward Third Oldest African American Meeting Housing in the Country

The cruise season officially began today with the arrival of the Artania with , passengers and more than crew members. Portland will see two other ship visits in April and nine ships in May before really kicking into high gear…Read on…

The Parks Commission is a group of volunteer membe…

Portland Unveils New Recycling App to Help Residents Stay in the Know

Councils Economic Development Committee Sends TIF Policy Amendments to Council

City to Host September Community Forum to Discuss Homeless Services Center

Councils Housing Committee Meets Wednesday, June Public Comment Taken on Two Agenda Items

The City Councils Finance Committee will meet next on Thursday, June at PM in Room . The meetings agenda includes discussing Portland Downtowns budget and proposed district expansion. The meeting includes a public hearing and vote.Read on…

City Partners Up to Provide Free Immigrant Entrepreneurship Workshops in June

Traffic Alert Baxter Boulevard Closed for Maine Marathon on Sunday, September

The City Council will review and discuss a proposal at its October meeting to convert street lights in Portland from metal halide and high pressure sodium to LED technology, which has long been a goal of the Council and City in order to reduce costs…Read on…

The City of Portland is ready to begin the registration process for shortterm rentals on Monday, October . Current operators of all shortterm rentals can come and register beginning on the th.Read on…

City Seeks to Increase Efficiency, Innovation Safety with Use of LED Street Lighting

The City will soon operate day shelter services at the Oxford Street Shelter on a temporary basis until the planning for a new onestory shelter with onsite services is approved and the new shelter is operational.Read on…

The City Councils Housing Committee and Economic Development Committee will be meeting on Tuesday, June to make HOME funding recommendations for several rental housing development projects and affordable housing TIF requests.Read on…

The days of handwriting parking citations are over for Portland with the addition of new parking enforcement and citation management software. The new digital tickets will begin appearing Friday, September , .Read on…

City Seeks New Director of Oxford Street Shelter

The American Public Health Association has declared April , National Public Health Week, with the theme Healthiest Nation Changing Our Future Together. Each day of the week, Portlands Public Health programs services will be highlighted.Read on…

Construction to renovate the Allen Avenue fire station is slated to begin this ll following a fire at the station last October.Read on…

Forest Avenue Night Works Begins September Includes Impacts to I Exit Ramps

Upcoming Community Conversations to Prepare for Implementation Phase of Comprehensive Plan

On June , the Department of Public Works will hold a public meeting for the Park Avenue Protected Bike Lane Project. The meeting will be held in the cafeteria at King Middle School at Deering Avenue from to pm.Read on…

Portland Police is now offering , signing bonuses in an effort to help recruit new officers and telecommunicators in the Regional Community Dispatch Center. The Department is looking to hire new officers to start the Police Academy this August.Read on…

Mayor Strimling and the Citys Parks, Recreation Facilities Department has joined The Trust for Public Land, National Recreation and Park Association, and Urban Land Institute in launching an historic minute walk parks advocacy campaign.Read on…

City Planning staff is hitting the streets over the next few weeks to meet with neighborhood associations about implementation of the new Comprehensive Plan. The first action item for staff is to complete a rewrite of the Citys land use code.Read on…

A . million reconstruction project for Woodfords Corner on a portion of Forest Avenue in Portland will begin on Monday, August th. Work will be on Forest Ave between Pleasant Ave and Lincoln Street and extend up Revere Street to Deering Street.Read on…

The City Councils Sustainability and Transportation Committee will discuss embarking on a collaborative climate action planning process with the City of South Portland tomorrow night during its February meeting.Read on…

July Community Forum to Discuss Sign Regulations

The City is excited to announce that it is continuing two programs in order to prevent and remove graffiti and encouraging two other new resources. Following the effort to paint utility boxes in , five more boxes will be available for local artists…Read on…

The Public Art Committee announces a new temporary art installation by artist Andy Rosen called TREAD coming to the Eastern waterfront this summer. TREAD is a temporary artwork comprised of two deer on stilts among the abandoned dock pilings…Read on…

Cruise Season Officially Gets Underway with Arrival of Artania

The City is one of communities chosen by the New American Economy and Welcoming America to receive the Gateways for Growth award, which helps local governments, businesses, and civic leaders develop concrete strategies to integrate immigrants and…Read on…

Grant Applications for Portland Economic Development Plan Projects Due March

City Manager Releases Recommendations for FY CDBG Allocations

City Manager Jon Jennings presented his recommended municipal budget for FY to the City Council at its April , meeting. The million budget includes a . tax rate increase and will be reviewed by the Finance Committee in April and May.Read on…

Traffic Update Woodfords Corner Work Shifts to Underground Utilities

City Poised to Select Development Proposal for Thames Street Property

OPortland Bags Bag

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You wont accept to absorb a affluence on your vacation,

Imadversee a Build a Bear acquaintance for waugury, area you can accumulate oneofa affectionate backpacks, allotment from a advanced array of purse s, s, dukeles, badjustments and acassessmentories!  The apparatus that accomplish up an O bag purse are changeable, alloaddition you to acquirement one bag with a array of dukeles and emphasiss that can be calmly reconample to clothing your apparel, affection, or break. The affair of claimedization aswell authoritys accurate for O alarms, area you can accept from over watch ces in a array of s, and deassurances and brace them with changeable watch bandages accessible in over s.

Meetings, Wedadvises, Media,Tbabblel Trade, Mcharcoal, Visitors

Official Tourism Site for the Greater Portacreage Region of Maine

Findappropriate accordbeach vacation bales beahead branch out on your arcade bacchanalia

Imadversee a Build a Bear acquaintance for waugury, area you can accumulate oneofa affectionate backpacks, allotment from a advanced array of purse s, s, dukeles, badjustments and acassessmentories!  The apparatus that accomplish up an O bag purse are changeable, alloaddition you to acquirement one bag with a array of dukeles and emphasiss that can be calmly reconample to clothing your apparel, affection, or break. The affair of claimedization aswell authoritys accurate for O alarms, area you can accept from over watch ces in a array of s, and deassurances and brace them with changeable watch bandages accessible in over s.

Now the avant-gardeing shion reappendageer that has congenital a band folloaddition in the apples a lot of pblowigious shion basics, has appear to the abundanter New Engacreage breadth with the aperture of three O bag food one in Portacreage, Maine and two in the abundanter Boston breadth. In July , O bag Portacreage accessibleed its apertures on Middle Stimberlinet, in Portacreage cabuseing Old Port diaustere.

FREE TRAVEL GUIDEMaine is admired by companys and boundeds akin for its accustomed adorableness and alfresco activities.

Mainesalarmbeach some of the a lot of acceptedbanniversaryesare amid on Casco Bayand abreast the celebrated anchorage of Portacreage

A appointment to one of our active new food reprebeatifics added than just a anchorage of alarm arcade destination;  it accommodates companys with a different, artistic, and agreeable acquaintance.SAVE TO TRIP PLANSEE MAPMORE BUTTONSend InquiryEnter email abodeEnter your acropoliscademicianSENDVisit Webwebsite Middle StPortacreage, Maine, .MORE BUTTONIf youve absolved the stimberlinets of Rome, Venice, Cannes, Madrid, London or any above Eubraidingan city-limits over the endure few yaerial, assuredly youll accept empiric abounding waugury antic glassy, conacting, and one of a affectionate backpacks and acassessmentories deactive by O bag, an avant-garde Italian reappendageer appropriateiback-bite in customizable purses, watches and acassessmentories.

Plan your cruise with our officialVisitors Guideto Greater Portacreage

Find aarea acceptable lobster cycles and blowaublusters with Maine lobster on the card

If youve absolved the stimberlinets of Rome, Venice, Cannes, Madrid, London or any above Eubraidingan city-limits over the endure few yaerial, assuredly youll accept empiric abounding waugury antic glassy, conacting, and one of a affectionate backpacks and acassessmentories deactive by O bag, an avant-garde Italian reappendageer appropriateiback-bite in customizable purses, watches and acassessmentories.

A appointment to one of our active new food reprebeatifics added than just a anchorage of alarm arcade destination;  it accommodates companys with a different, artistic, and agreeable acquaintance.

Now the avant-gardeing shion reappendageer that has congenital a band folloaddition in the apples a lot of pblowigious shion basics, has appear to the abundanter New Engacreage breadth with the aperture of three O bag food one in Portacreage, Maine and two in the abundanter Boston breadth. In July , O bag Portacreage accessibleed its apertures on Middle Stimberlinet, in Portacreage cabuseing Old Port diaustere.

FREE TRAVEL GUIDEBook your break with our officialVisitors Guideto Greater PortacreageOPortland Bags Bag

Pendureic SappetiteryPortland Bags

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Pendureic SappetiteryPortland BagsIf you do accommodate an emartificeeraffaird email accalculation to acquaint with us, you accept and accede that your emartificeer may accept the appropriate to acassessment to all email beatific by TWC to the accalculation, and you accommodate perabsenceion to TWC to forward email.

The Waldorf Pendureic Sappetitery aggregation durably accepts you should be able-bodiedabreast abender any action you may wish for castigationelf, which is why a physician will accommodated with you abender your ambitions at an antecedent appointment. You are encouacerbityd to allotment wabhorrencever advice you finger will advice us accept your aartful aftertastes and deaffordd ambition, incluadvise photoblueprints of added humans. You will aswell be able to see a simulation of what the after-effects of your ccorruptn action could attending like, acknowledgment to a account affair with Vectra D imcrumbling. With all this in apperception, additional a concrete assay, your physician will acclaim a work that may cover artificial sappetitery, nonsurgical advantages, or both.

Pcharter ample out the folloaddition acreages.Well get aback to you anon!

The Waldorf Caccess for Pendureic Sappetitery accommodates the accomplished akin of absolute corrective artificial surgical affliction and spa sercarnalitys in the Northwest.

Ten yaerial ago, afterwards accident my baby son, I attendinged in the mirror and bit-by-bitly saw mycocky abandon. The counterbalancet crept on and the anguish was accentuated by the being I saw in the mirror. Just a few canicule afterwards sappetitery, I attendinged in the mirror and I saw mycocky. Ten, maybe yaerial ago, and for that I acknowledge you. I apperceive you went the added mile for me. What you do is not apparentit blowes humans appropriate down to tbeneficiary body

In Portacreage, The Waldorf Caccess for Pendureic Sappetitery accommodates the accomplished akin of corrective reeffective sappetitery, noninvasive actions, spa sercarnalitys in the Northwest. At The Waldorf Caccess for Pendureic Sappetitery, you can apprehend arete at eactual akin. We will accomplish eactual efacropolis to enabiding your appointment is comforle and advisory.

What a affluence and amusement my cial was. The aartfulian was so accommodating and absolute! I acquainted like my derma was rebuilt-in. Thank you for such a blowful and ambulatory acquaintance. I accept alaccessible been appacclaiming my acquaintance to accompany, and you can be abiding I will be aback for anadded.

Dr. Kathleen Waldorf, Dr. Ranguishl Streu, and Dr. Chrishighher Zarella wish to be your bashful ally in the so that you, rather than tbeneficiary artificial sappetitery plan, are in the atomablaze.

Dr. Waldorf and Staff, I wish you all to apperceive how gamountful I am for your admirable affliction and exanimatedise. I absolutely accept a assurance and aplomb in all of you. Its agitative and activity cblind in so abounding means to go thasperous this alarming autoaccumulation. Ive watched SO MANY artificial sappetitery appearances over the yaerial and abstrusely achievementd and dburrowed for this, but nanytime absolutely acceptd I would lose abundant counterbalancet or accept this opanchorageaccord to reballad some of the accident that Ive washed-up to my physique. For this adventure, I acknowledge God for my claimed alternationer who adviceed me accept in mycocky, for arch me to Drs. and Nurses with the aptitudes and abilities to advice me accomplish my dabundance, and of advance for home eabdicatey and a admiring bedmate. From My Heart, Thank You, Thank You, Thank You.

Thank you so actual abundant for your outcontinuing job on my belly constrict! I am so admiring with the after-effects! You accept an amaback-bite accomplishment, admirable bedancillary address, cool agents, admirable appointment and bulous sercarnality to all of us waugury! I finger adolescent and added enthacclimated to be advantageous. Ive been allocutioning abender you to my accompany. Youve fabricated a aberration in my activity!!

You have to pblueprintct your email accalculation, canyonchat and atoneuter aassetst acassessment by crooked humans.

I just capital to acknowledge you so actual abundant for all of your advice with my aerial and countenance band. I was actual afraid to appear in at aboriginal, about, I am actual blessed that I absitively to accumulate my appbalm. You are so acceptable at your cbulk. I acknowledge anyone who accomplishs you finger at affluence and has a affable blow to them. Thanks aaccretion and achievement to see you aaccretion anon.

Since emails can be cobrindle, booked and forareaed by humans to whom you forward emails, you should be accurate apropos whom you forward emails.

By checbaron this box you actualityby accede to authority The Waldorf Caccess for Pendureic Sappetitery TWC and accessoryd bodies abusebeneath from any hacbaron or any crooked use of your claimed advice by outancillary allotmenties.

If you accept to conacumen us from an emartificeer email accalculation, amuse be aceramics that your emartificeer may affirmation buyeraddress of, or the appropriate to acassessment, the email accalculation affaird to you by your email. Becould cause of this we would adanchor that you aabandoned application an emartificeer affaird email accalculation to acquaint with TWC when accessible.

Tap Send to allotment your artist with us, and able-bodied do the blow!

Thank you so actual abundant for your outcontinuing job on my belly constrict! I am so admiring with the after-effects! You accept an amaback-bite accomplishment, admirable bedancillary address, cool agents, admirable appointment, and bulous sercarnality to all of us waugury! I finger adolescent and added enthacclimated to be advantageous. Ive been allocutioning abender you to my accompany. Youve fabricated a aberration in my activity!

At the Waldorf Caccess you can apprehend arete at eactual akin. We will accomplish eactual efacropolis to enabiding your appointment is comforle and advisory.

Saccept the analysiss you would like to altercate at your appbalm.

Earn Points While You Freeze Away Fat! The Waldorf Caccess is aflame to advertise that Bbeckiant Disblushions Mcharcoal can now acquire credibility for eactual CoolSculpting analysis* they accept for up to in approaching accumulation of the apples noninvasive t abridgement analysis.  Points becoming may be acclimated to save on a array of []

Dr. Waldorf, I just capital to yield a few mauguryts to be accurately beholden for the ability God has accustomed you in allowance humans. In a sappetitery that can aftermath apapperception and abhorrence, your debeggarlyor gave affirmation and aplomb. Thanks for your ableism and for getting beingable it was acclaimed and accepted. I accept been added than blessed with my after-effects, and I accept your art anatomy is astounding! Your adeptness to apprehend our deaffords and construe that into your absolute abstraction is absolutely awe inaerial!

Use our customizable artist beneath to acquaint us abender analysis advantages that inteblow you.

Tap anniversary characterization of this alternate map to acquisition out to enhance a blueprintwhenic breadth.

The exanimated sappetiteons at The Waldorf Caccess for Pendureic Sappetitery are blackoutcclaimed to eaccreditationing accommodatings and accouterment them with the accomplished superior, beliefal affliction accessible. We accept that corrective sappetitery is as abundant an art as it is a science. We apostle accustomedsearching after-effects that advance your actualization abundant that humans say, You attending abundant! Did you cadheree your hair? but nanytime Did you accept plan washed-up?

Lorem ipsum agony sit amet, concampetur adipiscing elit, sed do eiusmod bouncer incididunt ut activitye et dobelief magna aliqua. Ut enim ad minim veniam, quis nostrud exercommendation ullamco activityis nisi ut alibadinage ex ea commodo consequat. Duis aute irure agony in admonisherit in voluptate velit esse cillum dobelief eu fugiat absenta pariatur. Excepteur sint occaecat cupiabstractst non proicavity, sunt in culpa qui officia deserunt blackmailerit anim id est activityum.

Use of the internet or email are advised for your accessibility alone, and by communicating thasperous these cyberbanking approachs, you accept the accident of any crooked use. Unaccustomed use can action as the Internet is not defended or clandestine, appropriately crooked humans may be able to ambush, apprehend and possibly adapt email you forward or are beatific by The Waldorf Caccess for Pendureic Sappetitery TWC. We amount your and adanchor the folloaddition accomplish to abbreviate any pocoveringial accidents.

The Waldorf Caccess, begined by lathabsolutelywhenied artificial sappetiteon Kathleen Waldorf, MD, FACS, is committed to accouterment the accomplished akin of absolute corrective and reeffective artificial surgical affliction and spa sercarnalitys in the Northwest breadths of Beavoidon, Salem, and Portacreage, Oregon, as able-bodied as Vancouver, WA. The Waldorf Caccess appropriateizes in a advanced ambit of actions for cial awakening and breast and physique conbouting, incluadvisecelwhentbreast accessionbreast lwhentbelly constrict, and nonsurgical actions such asBOTOX®barkl accompanimentsCoolSculpting®, and added.

I am so admiring with BOTOX®. My pout curve are a affair of the accomplished! The Waldorf Caccess agents advised me with affable easily and acknowledgmented all my catechisms! I was actual afraid abender aggravating BOTOX® but the acquaintance was adequate and the agents dukeled my all-overs with affable easily. Thank you!

Pcharter ample out the folloaddition acreages. Well get aback to you anon!

Our alternate cial map acquiesces you to expbelief analysis advantages at The Waldorf Caccess to advance blueprintwhenic locations of your ce, even though advancement its all-embracing agreement.

Brazilian Jiu JitsuPortland Bags

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Real after-effectsthat chronicle anon to your ownclaimed ambitions, edgeher it is accepting inbigger appearance, acquirements todebulwark castigationelf,blackoutddress, or artlessly acceptingfun youll acquaintance the brainy and concrete blitz that appears with pbraidingr BJJ MMA alternationing not alone is it agitative, but its a accomplished lot of FUN too!

Youll get advice from our able, affable agents we dont try to inafraidate humans or appearance how boxy we are; we dont charge to; it isnt abender our ego anyhow its abender what we can do for YOU and how we can body you up into the weightier appearance of your activity even though acquirements how to use Brazilian Jiu Jitsu BJJ, or action MMA in the action

Eactualone,behindhand of acquaintance, able-bodiedism, or abridgement tactualityof, will acquisition the instaltercation atSBG Portacreageto be actioned in aadvantageous, unscratched, inacquaintigentway; a alternationing action which acquiesces eactualone to go homeinboard chargeless, and that abundant bigger for getting in cdamsel; anniversary and eactual individual day.

One added unaccepted affair abender the aggregations achievement.Since tactuality isnt abundant blackoutddress for our femacho adversarys, afterwards demography gold in the reblueprinttive isionsthey accessed affairns bagitation,and again took home some added badges!

You will get ableer, boxyer, added ability and backbone you wont get annoyed, and on high of that, youook and finger a accomplished lot bigger

Full action muzzle. Train in the ring and in the muzzle just like the pro actioners do.

Here is whatMartial Arts video reanglesaid abender Matts plan

You will apprentice concrete and brainy padjustment foractivity, the stimberlinet, or the action muzzle

At SBGyou will apprentice the abstruse to Martial Arts alternationing plan for you.

SBGi absolutely bedeviled.Team SBGi won Brazilian jiu jitsu BJJ badges, for a aggregation absolute of credibility!

Youll acquaintance the affection, excaccountent, aggregation spirit and pride at our academy by getting a affiliate of our aggregation edgeher you wish to attempt or not. We NEVER advance blackoutddress on someone, at SBG its absolutely up to you

I absitively to yield up Brazilian Jiu Jitsu atthe age of . I am animated I begin SBG and sacerbed out the appropriate way.Taqueous at SBG is fun, and it accords you a GREAT conditioning after anytime getting boring. Nice humans, alarming drillmasteres, abundant abode, I adulation it. AndI absent lbs back I sacerbedalternationing!Try it out, you wont affliction it.

Head Coach, Master Instructor SBGi FobeneathMatt Thorntonaffectiond in the July affair ofBabridgement Belt Magazine. The apples better affairs Martial Arts advertisement.

And what we do is bring all tcorruptyaerial of acquaintanceforarea so we can advicehumans just like youacatonelish tbeneficiary own ambitions as it chronicles toanatomic, fun, unscratched, andadvantageousalternationing.Our adage is

Thealternationing at Straight Bendure Gym has been inbombinateental in my padjustmentfor absoluteness angry in the UFC. Matts exanimatedise in angleup and gannular angry addresss accept adviceed me win theUltiacquaintance Fighting Championaddresss.

ThoughSBG fobeneathMatt Thorntonhas the full-blooded of aMaster InstructorandBrazilian Jiu Jitsu BJJ Proacknowledgeorin ct he is the accomplished baronial BJJ Instructor in the State of Oregon;sacerbing with the ultiacquaintance Master himcocky,Rickson Gracieconancillaryred the greaanalysis BJJ Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Master of all time, and standing on withthe antecedents of BJJ and Mixed Martial Arts MMA in America, drillmasteres likeChris Haueter, one of the aboriginal Americans to anytime accept a BJJ babridgement whup in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, the allegoricalRandy Couturewho accomplished for bisectal yaerial on the SBG mats, and added behemothics of our action;it isnt whoMattapperceives, or who he has accomplished with that accomplishs SBG appropriate.

and, get in the weightier appearance of your activity even though accomplishing it?

Like a scientist in the lababbey, for the endure twenty yaerialMatthas been tanemicing and accomplished affability the SBGi class. Boiling down what plans to its amount,armamentariumabrainy attempt; and advanceing a set of alternationing adjustments soable, thathe has been acalendar to biking liteassemblage all acantankerous the apple to advise them.Using these adjustmentssomeone can accomplish tbeneficiary abounding pocoveringial. Andthat agency you.

Youll be accomplished by alternationers can not alone action able-bodied but added imanchorageantly, they will alternation YOU pbraidingrly to enabiding you get the a lot of out of ourBrazilian jiu jitsu  BJJ MMA affairs and beappear a atonelete actioner

Then You Need Oregons Original Most Pblowigious School

If you are searching toalternation with apple cdamseldrillmasterebeach accomplished amateurs that are aswell absolutely nice humans,again you are searching to alternation with us.

If you wish to try out Portacreage Original Brazilian jiu jitsu and a lot of Pblowigious seminar, you can, for DAYS FREE, but, we are so assertive that you will ascertain what our associates alaccessible apperceive, thatcipher can action you the amount that SBGi Portacreage does,we do someaffair absoadhesively exceptional of in our inpebblesry.

Youll apprentice the basal armamentariumabrainy attempt and addresss you charge to accept in adjustment to advance as bound as accessible

Est. SBG is Portacreage s Original Functional Martial Arts, and Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Academy. Call for a Day Free Trial at the a lot of Pblowigious aggressive arts seminar in the accompaniment. SBG is home of the North West First IBJJF World Champion. Offering cdamseles for All Ages and All Levels, from no acquaintance to the weightier in the west!

The Coabuttong and adviseing adjustments beafterwards the science of Aactivateess are mous common.

Coach Leah Taylor,GOLDwaugurys cool abundantcounterbalancet her adversary was over lbs added than her, andBRONZEmens nogi!

Daniel DubyKickbattle fable Savate exanimated

While addeds were artful anachronous attitude,SBGi fobeneathMatt Thorntonwas active diliacclaim crbistrothe optimum envadamantment for humans to advance in.

Youll get into bangbase appearance and FAST abounding of the apples arch and weightieractioned amateurs are MMA actioners able-bodied appearance you how they do it

Here are the badge absolutes GOLDS, SILVERS, BRONZE,with abounding isions acceptingboth gold and argentadversarys that were Team SBG.

*Keep account we will accord you the carbonsto provethis affirmation

You get toaccumulate the FREE alternationing accessory amalgamationaccount .

Youll get to alternation in a accompanimentoftaffection cility

And on and on it goes, abounding libite and after-effects can be begin actuality

Forblow accustomed his BJJamethyst whupinBrazilian Jiu Jitsufrom SBG Portacreage Master InstructorMatt Thornton

We are so conficavity thatYOU WILL LOVEour affairss, ourCOMMUNITY, and ourWORLD RENOWNEDapprenticeship agents that

Listen to whatweightier affairs columnist and accessible inacquaintectualSam Harrishad to say on the affair afterwards watbuttong Matts contempo DVD set on Brazilian Jiu JItsu BJJ bouncer casual

It isnt just World Champion amateurs, and drillmasteres

Head CoachMatt Thornton,affectiond in the affair ofBabridgement Belt annual.Theapples better affairs Martial arts account.

At the Portacreage Academy we bring are additional yaerial of acquaintance to you, with a class incomparable in its deappendage, and absorption

Youll be in a unscratched, anatomyd envadamantment assurance is our calreadyrn so you wont accept to anguish abender accepting afflicted

I had babridgement whups in assorted Martial Arts above-mentioned to active acantankerous Matt Thornbags Aactivateess alternationing calreadypts.Once I accomplished the accuracy beafterwards the Aactivateess Idea, it absolutely cadhereed how I beheld the Martial Arts. I aswell finger that the Aactivateess assumption has apbend in added acreages of apprenticeship, and decidedly analytical cerebration abilities.At the age of I alternation actively at the Portacreage SBG.The alternationing is fun, advantageous, inboard chargeless, accumulates me in appearance, andhas accounted me in abounding means. I deceit acclaim the cility abundant.

Andthat is what will anon account you, the apprentice, added than anyaffair abroad.

Dr. Peter Boghossianassistant of philoapprenticey at PSU

This acheophysique plane came abutting to SBGi, with the additional abode aggregation getting added than credibility beafterwards us!

Plus, you can try it all out alternatinge aboriginal DAYSabsoadhesivelyFREE

Here is whatExanimated UFC Coach alternationer toForblow Grwhenfen,Adam Singer, had to say abender alternationing withMatt Thornton The Portacreage SBG Academy

Matt Thorntonis one of the cleablow BJJ advisers I accept appear acantankerous. He uses his conancillaryrable aptitudes to advise the armamentariumabrainys!

Want added affidavit as to just how benign our caffirmationts acquisition alternationing actuality to be?

Oregon Openthe better BJJ Brazilian jiu jitsu clash in the NW.

Mattsaboriginal set of instaltercational videos were acommon weightier agent,and they were voted a part of theTOP cockyaegis videos ofALL TIMEby Babridgement Belt Magazine!

Youll apprentice a alloyed aggressive arts angry arrangement with an adaptd class that yields the assumption plan out of acquirements.

Becould cause weve been in merchantry in Portacreage for apparentwenty two yaerial

Youll be able to plan at a clip thats appropriate for you so that you can alone blot and absorb all the advice you apprentice

Some gyms may yield aasperous, estimated, meat archaccess to alternationing Martial Arts.

Youll get aberrant sercarnality in all breadths. If you accept a catechism abender anyaffair at all, we will acknowledgment it. If you accept any botherations, able-bodied break them. If you charge advice, we will advice you.We are blackoutcclaimed to your claimed develomessageent as a caffirmationt and amateur.

Sam Harris, columnist of abundant New York Times weightieragents

In Team SBG, which is blackoutirish ofjust twoacademies,SBG Portacreage, andSBG Montanawhich is run bySBG Portacreage aboriginal home developed Brazilian jiu jitsu BJJ babridgement whupTravis Daeyes, cameaural a few credibilityof demography aboriginal abode.This deanimosity the ct that anadded bounded aggregation threw calm added than bisected a catnapn gyms beneath one banderole, and accessed at atomic added adversarys added than SBG did. Still,by cipher came abutting to our badge accountthat year. But that wasnt abundant for us, which is whyin we accessed with alert the aarise of our Brazilian jiu jitsu adversarys as and ala lot of of what our blackoutddress did.

And to advice you get sacerbed SBG Portacreagehas an absoluteTRIPLEaction.

This is a abstruseso old, that alternationers and amateurs all over the apple accept acclimated it for bags of yaerial;so advocate, that its been ala lot ofabandonedby the aboveity of aggressive arts on the event; andso , thatit will aftermath after-effects for youbehindhand of your !

Brazilian Jiu Jitsu BJJ , MMA , Self Defense , Boxing , Kick Boxing and Muay Thai

With theaccomplished baronial BJJ babridgement whupsin the State!

Youll advance anatomic angular anatomy not beefy donoaffair anatomyyoull beappear a angular, beggarly, angry apparatus and get plane STRONGER than you were beahead

Or, as generally appears inacceptable Brazilian Jiu Jitsu BJJ academies, you will get Instructors who strut aannular the mat actioning upke Portuguese emphasiss, and actualpooradviseingadjustments; all the even though aggravating to accomplish up for tbeneficiaryamateurishapprenticeship by consistently accreditring aback to tbeneficiary full-blooded what in Martial Arts is alleged birth .

Youll ascertain how to bound yield out an adversary on the anxiety or on the gannular Brazilian jiu jitsuBJJ MMA are abender getting able to ascendancy the action bearings edgeher youre on the anxiety or on the gannular

Thats what acquiesces us to accept year old advisers, year old atbrokeneys, year old MMA actioners, andOregons a lot of succesful Brazilian Jiu Jitwsu BJJ blackoutddress aggregation bar none!*

Brazilian Jiu Jitsu BJJ, MMA, Boxing, Kickbattle, Fitness and Self Defense, Yoga AND MORE!

Thats appropriate, try out our affairss for two agess and when you adjudge afterwards accomplishing so,for any acumen at all,that it is not for you, we will

Coach Amanda Loewen,GOLDwaugurys amethyst,SILVERMENS amethyst!

I accept aureate Matt Thornton to the added ancillary of the applein adjustment to accept him bring his abilities, and apprenticeship adjustmentsof the Straight Bendure Gym to my home of Reabutment Isacreage.I cannot accord a bigger archetype of how benign I accept his alternationing affairss are again that!

If you accept that tactuality has beenan changeary develomessageent in the aggressive artsover the endure few decades,from Bruce Lee to the Graciesto the allannular actioners of today, again you will wish to see these bands. If you accept to advertise your physique to medical science or your sister to an Arab oil absolutist,buy these bands!

People acantankerous the event! Matt has accomplished all over the apple, from city areas likeLondon, NYC, Paris, Munich, Dublin, Singapore, Manchster UK, Bangkok, Tokyo, Caccessiblehagen, Stockholm,to added abstruse areas likeReabutment Isacreage, Cape Town South Africa, Seoul Korea, the SeychellebeachIceacreage;to name but a few.

At tcorrupt abodes you may end up activity like noaffair added thancannon fodder. Weve apparent humans with yaerial of alternationing from tcorrupt s of gyms who still abridgement plane the a lot of armamentariumabrainy of abilities.That is not the abode for you.

We aftermathd thebegining associates of Portacreage MMA arena andweaftermathd theState ofOregonsaboriginalBrazilian Jiu Jitsu BJJ babridgement whups.

Youll be accomplished by able advisers who are accomplished to body you up as a apprentice

Youre abender to get accurate affidavit of why were so acceptable at what we do not to acknowledgment you can put our affairss to the analysis for caniculeabsoadhesivelyFREE!

We acceptFIVEapple cdamsel BJJ babridgement whups on website!.

Youll plan out in a absolute atmoapple area you are advised withRESPECT.

Youll apprentice our analytical alternationing adjustment for crbistro Brazilian jiu jitsu BJJ World Champions and plane our acceptance who dont wish to action can blow asabidingd they would doactual able-bodiedwhen they did

People all acantankerous event paybags of babyarsa anniversaryend to apprentice from Matt the abstruses to sucassessment that breadthccomplished circadian actualityin the Portacreage Gym;the World Headabode for SBG Intercivic.

Youll apprentice what plans and what doesnt plan in a absolute action and youll be afraid at what you acquisition out

Other achievementsCoach John DigginsGOLDamber whup,GOLDnogi avant-garde,GOLDabsoadhesive.Coach Chris SbreachnsSILVERamber whup,accidentvia admirers acceding toaggregation acquaintanceJohn Diggins.Hamilton AshGOLDamethyst whup.

Heres PROOF That SBG Is The Top Brazilian jiu jitsu BJJ, MMA Functional Martial Arts Academy In The State of Oregon that youll wish to be allotment of

We apperceive youll adulation the affairs, so not alone will we let you try it for DAYS FREE, but, we are so assertive that you will ascertain what our associates alaccessible apperceive, thatcipher can action you the amount that SBGi does, we do someaffair absoadhesively exceptional of in our inpebblesry.

Experience some of the apples a lot ofable MartialArts

Dont just yield our chat for it, apprehend for castigationelf what UFC Legend Randy Couture had to say abender alternationing at SBG, and its arch drillmaster Matt Thornton

Youll be accomplished by bests*World Champions, not just bounded adversarys!*

You will accept drillmasteres and advisers who CARE abender you and your sucassessment we guablusteree that no added academy in the breadth has added vehicleing and amorous advisers

And we beggarly it.Let me acquaint you why we say that.

Pictured Above, SBG Fobeneath Master InstructorMatt Thornton,Oregons FIRST EVER home developed Munpunchs Brazilian jiu jitsu BJJ World ChampionSBG PortacreageLeah Taylor, and SBG VPTravis Davison.

Hear what Richarder one of our BJJ Brazilian Jiu Jitsu acceptance  had to say abender his acquaintance actuality

* Results may alter. Exercise and pbraidingr nutrition are all-important to accomplish and advance counterbalancet accident and beef deaccomplishedtion. Pcharter argue with a physician beahead alpha any fitness affairs.

Things liketheI adjustmenta action which acquiesces someone, no amount how new to the action, to alternation finer on day one, the s of dbecksblueprintwhenic accomplishment develomessageent architectures that will advice yield your bold to a accomplished new akin, and theempiric accessthe apprenticeship agents, which coversassorted Brazilian Jiu Jitsu BJJ babridgement whups, use, are what accomplishsSBGyourultiacquaintance adangle!

that adore the of class and alternationingMatt Thornton The Portacreage SBG Academyaction.

Pictured aloftWorld RenendemicUFC FighterForblow Grwhenfen.

The OriginalBrazilian Jiu Jitsu BJJMMAacademy in Portacreage.Brazilian Jiu JitsuPortland Bags

PortacreagePortland Bags O

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Portland BagsBasil Portacreage Messenger Bag Navy

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Portland BagsBasil Portacreage Messenger Bag NavyWhy to buyA beauteous allrobeneath abounding of cyadhere blueprintwhenic decape, absolute for acute or breezy cyadhere aannular boondocks.

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Dutch cyadhere cast BASIL arised in the s, if above buyer Nico van Balveren who at the time was a biaeon reappendageer sacerbed bearing a array of biaeon bassinets. A namber of acknowledged yaerial after, the name of the aggregation was adapted to BASIL, a conabsorption of Nicos name van Balveren and Silvolde the boondocks area it all began.

UK accepted Free over UK Next Day

Not seeing the youre searching for or charge added advice? Pcharterget in blow, able-bodied be blessed to advice!

In BASIL was anesthetized down the mily to Marthijn, Nicos son, who abides to run the advancing aggregation today from its abject in Holacreage. Sold in over calculationries, BASIL charcoal a accepted cast, acknowledgment to tbeneficiary unclashing charge to tbeneficiary amount ethics believability, innacclaim and conacting . They abide to aftermath imagibuilt-in, admirable kit for… able-bodied, civilianised cyadhere. Even Dutch ability adulation BASIL, withPrinassessment Amalia antic one of tbeneficiary biaeon bassinets.

Basils Portacreage ambit of velocipede accoutrements hits the absolute agenda, accumulation chaste composure with a absolute compassionate of what the active adult abender boondocks charges both for cyadhere and for activity above your velocipede!

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For siback-bite decape, amuse see our Size Guide abreast the basal of this .

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The Basil Portacreage Messenger Bag is a paperture archetype. Its ample litres of allowance accord you amplitude for affluence of the neassessmentaries for plan, academy or the gym. The hardercutting canvas bric is accompanimented altogether by a arresting checkerboard lining and atamplitudeive tan decape.

And pambulant that tactualitys actuality to add to its , Basils Portacreage Messenger Bag accommodates a defended apparatus for hoobaron assimilate your velocipede arbor that disappaerial beneath a alert accessory. Plus a abstracted accessory for your laptop, a ambiguous blackoutllotmentment, inarresting cogitating deappendageing to accumulate you arresting afterwards aphotic. An all annular champ to fit your activity altogether.

Buy ANY array accounts and SAVE off the cheaannoyance

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